Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mini Quilts Making

 In the last post I mentioned being on a spending diet. Funny thing that. Every advertisement, coupon, email was sent my way in the last two days. I would find myself on facebook and the next thing I know I'm looking at a discounted Toms site. So I walked and stayed away from the computer, threw the ads away (even the ones with coupons) and stitched.
 This is one I made a few weeks ago.
 I was looking at Pinterest this weekend- shocking I know. I came across a saying that said "Create instead of consume" God talks to us in mysterious ways. So create I did. I may have taken a nap too. It was heavenly. Anyhoo- these are the two mini quilts I made this weekend from the stitchings I did earlier. Working on another one now.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Stitching not spending

 We are on fall break now and it is a struggle not to spend money.  I had to stop the bleeding after the Nana bill so I am going on a spending diet. Every bit as painful as a food diet. The stores have sales going on, the balloon fiesta is happening, hubby has been out of town, girls love to shop.....know what I mean?
 So I have been distracting myself with stitching
 I have been playing with scraps and linen. These will be mini quilts or mug rugs.
Fall break lesson#1 we went out to Wecks for breakfast yesterday just the girls and I. They orders pancakes and bacon and I ordered a veggie bowl. Total spent 40.00 with tip(crazy expensive)..... This morning homemade breakfast with thick cut bacon and pancake batter around it and pure maple syrup- the real stuff. Flavor like crazy, not a ton of people, made it together and bonded while doing it. 17.00 dollars for ingredients. Homemade wins!!!! We are making homemade chicken noodle soup tonight.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Homecoming tonight

 What?!? Oh you want to take pictures? You know I'm too coole for that right? Pretty makeup AV.
 Last years dress.... new shoes.... bought a new dress but it was way too sexy......this year going with a friend. Sweet handsome Jeren.
Have fun. Be safe and be home by midnight. Smooches.

It's that time again

 Balloon Fiesta
 For the next week our skies will be full of these balloons

A fun time for all

Adventures of Nana

 October 1st will definately be memorable for us. I had just wrote my thankful post and spent some time going over my credit card debt to make a plan to pay that off ASAP. Came home from work that day. Nana and Riley were playing outside and all of a sudden Riley comes running in the house, " Mom there is something wrong with Nana, she won't stop throwing up." I run out there to witness 4 more vomits and then she starts having uncontrolable diaria. She put herself behind a tree in our yard laid down and started having labored breathing. And if all that didn't freak me out the look in her eyes definately did. I started praying right then and there, called the vet, they wanted us to go to emergency, carryed her into the van, she craps all over my van and I don't care, get to the emergency she craps all over the front desk area, they immediately take her back and I don't see her for the next four hours-xray, ultrasound, examination, iv fluids, medicine.......did I mention all the tears? crying like a baby. They kept her overnight I got to lay on the floor with her for a half an hour before I left and they said she howled and cried for and hour and a half. Because of that I didn't see her at lunch like I wanted to but right after work I went to get her to bring her home and took the day off so I could take care of her. $1500.00 dollars later.Thank you for all of your prayers. Thank you Lord for being with us.
She sleeps alot and still has medicine to take but she is healing. Kicker is they don't know why this happened. thinking a virus.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I am thankful

 For this Nana dog, who I believe was a gift from heaven. I found her a year ago in two days and we have wonderful walks. She is very loving and the balm to my soul when going through teenagerism moments
 The sunrises and sunsets of this land of enchantment. The skies are just magical and declare the glory of the Lord
 The roof over our head. The backyard to play catch with my youngest. The kitchen where we cook as a family.
My Nana. Today is her Heaven Day. It has been a year. The love that we had and the memories we made. Thank you Lord for those 43 years.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lots of W's on my mind

Ever have moments of thinking and realize all your thoughts begin with the same letter? That is me this weekend. Weird...and no that's not one of my W thoughts.

Weight Loss- I'm breaking a blogging/facebook rule and stating I need to lose weight. This is a need, a goal, a focus. I need to do this for health, for image, for me and my family.

Water- Browsing thru pinterest I saw where if you drink more water and focus on hydration this helps with weight loss. Teachers at my school that have lost weight walk around with gallon jugs of water so there must be something to this right?

Walking- Another goal of mine this week is to walk one hour every day. This is not hard for me as I have that husky dog that needs walking. So I am adding 20 minutes to our daily walks.

Work- I have moments where I wonder what I want to be when I grow up. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job. I wish I made more money. I didn't go to college and I'm tossing around how to take a step forward.